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Our commitment to sustainability

The agricultural production of a regional organic product protects the environment and resources. With the use of green electricity and the continuous improvement of our packaging, we can further reduce emissions. We also do not forget social values, because they are at least as important for sustainable development as ecological values.

Organic and regional

At Leeb, in addition to organic production, the origin of our raw materials also helps us to make our products as sustainable as possible. With organic milk from Austria, we meet the requirements of regionality and every regional organic product conserves resources, shortens transport routes and thus saves emissions. In addition, we can increase regional added value and preserve our valuable landscape.


Produced with green electricity

However, the fact that all our products are organic and regional is not enough for us, because that alone does not make our products sustainable. In order to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we work exclusively with green electricity in our production.


Always improving packaging

We are aware that packaging is ecologically problematic and represents a major challenge in tackling our environmental problems. We know that we have a responsibility to contribute to the reduction of packaging waste. Because we take this responsibility seriously, we are constantly trying to optimize our packaging.


For example, by using a cardboard-plastic combination. A sustainable packaging solution that consists of a plastic cup and a cardboard wrap. If the two materials are separated before disposal (which is very easy to do!), they can be fully recycled. This type of packaging also requires up to a third less plastic and has up to a fifth less CO2 emissions compared to a directly printed plastic cup. 


Long-term relationships and social commitment

We are aware that sustainability is more than ecological commitment. Because social values are at least as important to us as ecological ones, the appreciation of our employees, flexible working hours, fair pay as well as training and further education opportunities are a matter of course for us. We also work on an equal footing with all external partners, whether customers, suppliers, media or authorities. We have always had long-standing relationships with our farmers.

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Sustainability goals 2027 and 2050

As a milk processing company, we are always dependent on the availability of natural resources, such as clean water and fertile land. An intact environment is therefore one of our most important fields of action. Because if we do not take care of our natural environment now, we will no longer be able to enjoy life in the way we know and appreciate it today.

As part of the Emmi Group, we have set ourselves three key sustainability targets for the period up to 2027:

  1. Reduce our CO2 emissions by 60 %!
  2. Make our packaging 100 % recyclable and halve the amount of waste and food waste!
  3. Reduce our fresh water consumption!

To achieve this, we are constantly analyzing our entire value chain and implementing further measures.

Our long-term goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050 and at the same time drive forward the circular economy in our company. In doing so, we are focusing on the areas of action of employees, society and the environment.

Curious about our products?

Products Sheep's milk products

Sheep's milk impresses with a velvety and full-bodied taste with a slight almond aroma, is very creamy in consistency and is characterized by a good digestibility. The sheep's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range comes from Austrian sheep, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Products Goat's milk products

Goat's milk is characterized by an aromatic, characteristic taste. In addition, goat's milk is highly valued as an easily digestible alternative to cow's milk. The goat's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range has hay milk quality and comes from Austrian goats, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Products Looking for a specific product?

Are you looking for something specific? A yogurt made from goat's hay milk? A creamy sheep's milk curd? Something for cooking or baking? Something fruity or would you prefer the versatile natural varieties? Our product finder will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

FAQ Questions about our products?

Whether all our products are certified organic, where our milk comes from, or whether the products contain lactose - in our FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about us and our products.

Anchored in tradition

We have been producing organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk products since 1990. As an organic dairy with a long history, we are rooted in tradition and equally committed to progress. Our history, like our region, is the root of our success.