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Whether all our products are certified organic, where they are made or whether the products contain lactose - whatever you want to know: With our FAQ we try to answer frequently asked questions about us and our products as transparently as possible. If the answer to your question cannot be found in our FAQ, feel free to write us a message at - we will be happy to deal with your request.

General information / product range

Our current range of organic goat's and sheep's milk products can be found at:

Our products are available in organic specialist shops in various countries, i.e. in various organic supermarkets as well as in small, local organic specialist stores. For example, Alnatura and Denns Biomarkt.

If you cannot find our products in your trusted organic market, it is often worth asking for our products. In most countries, specialist retailers can simply order our products for you.

We also sell directly to wholesalers and therefore we unfortunately have no exact information about which stores stock our products.

Yes, all our products come from organic farming and are certified according to the EU Organic Regulation.


No, our sheep's and goat's milk products contain lactose or milk sugar.

Yes, our sheep's and goat's milk products are gluten-free.

Natural yogurts, milk and curd cheese do not contain starch. However, depending on the type of fruit, starch may also be used in fruit yogurts.

Ingredients / additives

Milk, and therefore yogurt naturally contains lactose (milk sugar).

Our natural yogurts have no added sugar, so they are unsweetened. They are available in 400g pots and 125g pots. The natural yogurts are a wonderful alternative for all those who would like to do without sugar or sweeten them according to their own preferences or who would like to spice up the yogurts themselves with fruit.

Likewise, no sugar is added to the milk and curd cheese.

The fruit yogurts are sweetened with organic beet sugar.

Yes, the live bacterial cultures are added after pasteurisation. They take care of the acidification process and remain in the product until the end of the best-before date.

Our products contain only the naturally occurring amounts of calcium. We do not add any extra calcium. The products therefore contain the naturally occurring calcium content in the raw materials. 

Our products are free from any artificial additives such as flavourings or colourings. Short ingredient lists are important to us. We rely on purely natural ingredients and only use what our products really need.

Production / origin

Pasteurization is necessary for product quality and, above all, for product safety. Pasteurization is carried out before fermentation so that the lactic acid cultures are preserved. 

Disassemble the cup into its individual components. Remove the cardboard sleeve and separate the aluminum lid from the cup. Put the cardboard in the waste paper, the aluminum lid in the light metals or in the yellow bag or yellow garbage can and the cup in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag. However, please also note the regional disposal regulations, as these may be different in your area.

All our products are made in Austria - in the Kremstal in Upper Austria.

The indication of origin under the EU organic logo always refers to the total origin of the ingredients. EU/non-EU agriculture is indicated if the ingredients were produced partly in the European Union and partly in a third country.


We use hay milk for our organic goat's milk products. This offers many advantages, which can be found on the official hay milk website:

We use hay milk quality milk for our Leeb Vital goat yogurts and our goat curd.

If you have any complaints or specific questions about our products, please send an email to

Our quality management team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We generally take complaints from our customers very seriously because they give us the opportunity to further improve our products and processes. If you provide our team with the best-before date printed on the product in question, they can check the retained samples to investigate your complaint.

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