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Whether all our products are certified organic, where our milk comes from, or whether the products contain lactose - whatever you want to know: With our FAQ we try to answer frequently asked questions about us and our products as transparently as possible. If the answer to your question cannot be found in our FAQ, feel free to write us a message at - we will be happy to deal with your request.

Availability / General Information

Leeb Vital products are available in organic shops in different countries, i.e. in different organic supermarkets as well as in small, local organic shops.

If you cannot find our products in your trusted organic market, it is often worth asking for our products. In most countries, retailers can easily order our products for you.

We are currently working on a clear solution to be able to answer your question about the availability of our products for your location! In the meantime, if you need specific support in finding products for your location, please send us your request via the contact form or by email to We will be happy to help.

Yes, all our products come from organic farming and are certified according to the EU Organic Regulation.


No, our sheep's and goat's milk products contain lactose or milk sugar.

Yes, our sheep's and goat's milk products are gluten-free.

The natural yoghurts as well as milk, curd and co. do not contain starch. Corn starch is used in the fruit yoghurts.

Ingredients / Additives

Milk, and therefore yoghurt, naturally contains lactose (milk sugar).

Our natural yoghurts have no added sugar, so they are unsweetened. They are available in 400g pots and 125g pots. The natural yoghurts are a wonderful alternative for all those who would like to do without sugar or sweeten them according to their own preferences or who would like to spice up the yoghurts themselves with fruit.

Likewise, no sugar is added to the milk and curd.

The fruit yoghurts are sweetened with organic beet sugar.

Yes, the live bacterial cultures are added after pasteurisation. They take care of the acidification process and remain in the product until the end of the best-before date.

Pasteurisation is necessary for product quality and especially for product safety.

Our products naturally contain calcium. We do not add calcium.

Sheep's milk contains about 198 mg and goat's milk about 127 mg calcium/100 ml.

This information is based on literature references: ÖNWT - österreichische.nährwerttabelle; Lebensmitteltabelle Souci-Fachmann-Kraut.

Our products are free from any artificial additives such as flavours or colourings. Short ingredient lists are important to us, we rely on purely natural ingredients and only use what our products really need.

Sustainability / Origin

The indication of origin under the organic logo always refers to the total origin of the ingredients. For example, the milk comes from Austria (EU) and the mango puree from India (non-EU).

Sheep's milk: Austria

Goat's milk: Austria

Maize starch: EU

Blueberries: Finland, Latvia

Beet sugar: Austria

Mango puree: India

Lemon juice concentrate: Italy

Bourbon vanilla extract: Madagascar, Comoros, La Reunion

Raspberries: Poland

Aronia juice concentrate: Poland

The filling lines for our products are currently specialised for filling in plastic and are not suitable for glass as a packaging type. We recognise that packaging is environmentally problematic and presents a major challenge in addressing our environmental issues.

However, the issue of packaging is very complex and there is simply no such thing as the "most sustainable packaging" - opinions on the "most environmentally friendly material or system" vary widely. In addition, a deposit system for glass packaging of milk and yoghurt (alternatives) is currently hardly developed in Austria, and alternative packaging materials are often only in development or still in the test phase.

The decision to change our packaging is not an easy one and must be well considered, because it involves a system change in production as well as changes in other processes such as logistics.

However, we can assure you that we are dealing with the issue on a daily basis and are looking for a long-term solution in order to design our product portfolio for the future in accordance with all aspects of sustainability - social, ecological and economic.


For complaints, please send an email to

If you send our team the printed BBD of the affected product, they can check the return samples to verify your complaint.

Our quality management team will get back to you.

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