Anchored in tradition

We have been producing organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk products since 1990. As an organic dairy with a long history, we are rooted in tradition and equally committed to progress. Our history, like our region, is the root of our success.

“Maintaining tradition does not mean keeping ashes, but keeping embers glowing.“

Since 1990
1990 The beginnings
Hubert Leeb bought his first goat in 1990 in the beautiful Upper Austrian Kremstal: "It gave horrible milk, only I drank it," the entrepreneur recalls. At that time, the first customers were allergy sufferers who could not tolerate cow's milk protein. In the beginning, Hubert milked his goats himself and sold milk, yoghurt and cheese from the farm or at the local farmers' market.
1993 Entry into the food trade
With the Gössweiner family as the first goat's milk supplier, Hubert took the first step towards expansion: The Leeb Vital products milk and yoghurt were successfully introduced in the organic specialised trade and sold in organic shops all over Austria.
1994 Expansion at all levels
With the start of processing organic sheep's milk, the product range was expanded. At the same time, the dairy was continuously expanded and, from 1998, exports to neighbouring European countries increased.
2001 Foundation of Leeb Biomilch GmbH
In 2001 the time had come and Hubert founded Leeb Biomilch GmbH. Over the years, the number of organic milk suppliers has grown to 20. The growing amount of milk that we processed every day required ongoing additions and conversions in the dairy.
2007 Austria's most innovative company continues to grow as a family business
Leeb Biomilch GmbH was awarded the Trio prize in 2007 as the most innovative commercial enterprise in Austria. In the same year, Hubert's cousin Jörg Hackenbuchner joined the company. Following the synergy formula 1+1=3, the two successfully continue the growth course: Hubert Leeb concentrates on milk purchasing, production and product development, while Jörg Hackenbuchner takes over responsibility for marketing and controlling.
2008 Relaunch and range expansion
With their new dress in dark and light blue, the Leeb Vital products became unmistakable and eye-catching on the shelf. Our yoghurts emerged as clear taste winners in numerous blind tastings and their success motivated the Leeb team to further expand the range: in 2010 we introduced our fresh goat cheese, and in 2011 our two pot varieties.
2014 Move to Wartberg
Due to the relentless growth of Leeb Biomilch GmbH, the need for larger premises also grew, so that it was finally decided to move the entire company to Wartberg an der Krems. There, the long-planned production of ice cream could finally be realised.
2016 The latest product additions

The Leeb Vital product family continued to grow in 2016 with the creamy greek-style Leeb Vital yogurt and in 2018 with long-life sheep's and goat's milk.


Thanks to the affinity for innovation, vegan products were also discovered in 2016 as another contemporary alternative to cow's milk and the MyLove-MyLife brand for vegan milk substitutes was launched. The expertise from the traditional family business is the perfect basis for this and the quality standards and passion for organic food combine both areas.


More about our MyLove-MyLife products.

2017 20 years of Leeb Vital

Our brand celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017 with another relaunch. Since then, all products have shone in a new design according to the motto "rooted in tradition - committed to progress". As if that were not enough, the goat's milk range was converted to hay-milk quality in the same year.


One year later, milk production in UHT quality was also started on the company's own bottling plant.

2019 Leeb becomes part of Emmi

The collaboration between two quality fanatics has begun: Leeb Biomilch GmbH becomes part of the Emmi Group for even more success in international growth and improved resources for research and development.

Emmi Group Logo
Guided by our values

Since 1990, we have been producing the best and most innovative products from fresh Austrian organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk. With our delicious natural and fruit yogurts, we offer the best alternative to cow's milk. The best quality is our claim, our history and experience are our basis and the spirit of innovation is our driving force.

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Natural, organic & regional

The milk we use is 100% organic and comes from the Austrian dairy industry. The goat's milk even has hay milk quality and thus corresponds to the most original form of sustainable dairy farming. But there is more to speak of sheep's and goat's milk, which is a particularly valuable commodity for us.

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For sustainable development

Regional organic products conserve soil and resources, shorten transport routes and promote local added value. We produce with green electricity and strive to continuously improve our packaging in order to further reduce our emissions. Because social values are at least as important to us as ecological ones, we meet all employees and partners on an equal footing.

Curious about our products?

Products Sheep's milk products

Sheep's milk impresses with a velvety and full-bodied taste with a slight almond aroma, is very creamy in consistency and is characterized by a good digestibility. The sheep's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range comes from Austrian sheep, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Products Goat's milk products

Goat's milk is characterized by an aromatic, characteristic taste. In addition, goat's milk is highly valued as an easily digestible alternative to cow's milk. The goat's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range has hay milk quality and comes from Austrian goats, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Products Looking for a specific product?

Are you looking for something specific? A yogurt made from goat's hay milk? A creamy sheep's milk curd? Something for cooking or baking? Something fruity or would you prefer the versatile natural varieties? Our product finder will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

FAQ Questions about our products?

Whether all our products are certified organic, where our milk comes from, or whether the products contain lactose - in our FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about us and our products.