Guided by our values

Since 1990, we have been producing the best and most innovative products from fresh Austrian organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk. With our delicious natural and fruit yogurts, we offer the best alternative to cow's milk. The best quality is our claim, our history and experience are our basis and the spirit of innovation is our driving force.


Regional & down-to-earth

Our roots are in Kremstal in Upper Austria, our origin is identity-forming for our brand and shapes the quality of long-standing supplier relationships as well as the quality of raw materials and end products.


We operate according to the principle: as close as possible, as far as necessary. If we do not use Austrian raw materials, for example because we use sun-ripened mangoes for our fruit yogurts, we always source the ingredients from sources that meet high social standards in addition to the organic standard.

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Organic & sustainable

The organic production and the regionality of our raw materials make our products sustainable, because a regional organic product conserves resources, shortens transport routes and thus saves emissions. In addition, we increase regional added value and preserve our valuable landscape.


Sustainable management also means maintaining a relationship with all those involved and contributing to the well-being of all those involved through our actions, whether animal or human, whether customer,  employee  or  supplier. That is why we rely on long-term relationships and the further training of our employees.

“At Leeb Vital, we are convinced that bio-economy can improve the relationship between people and people and nature.“

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Pragmatic & solution-oriented

At Leeb Vital, we don't talk things down, but always quickly look for holistic solutions that satisfy everyone involved and make a contribution.


Hurdles are not problems but welcome challenges for us, which we are happy to face. They give us the opportunity to take on new perspectives, to develop holistic solutions for all parties involved and to grow together.

Innovative & creative

We implement new product trends and pick up on existing trends. Through a cross-company hands-on mentality and committed employees, new products are always implemented with the available means and great attention to detail.

“Anything that man can imagine is feasible.“


Curious & courageous

As an organic dairy with a long history, we are rooted in tradition and equally committed to progress. We focus on new aspects and things that have not existed before and continuously face the continuous improvement of our products. This requires a good portion of curiosity and courage.


Building on our existing know-how,  we thus acquire expertise in new areas in order to implement innovations. The results of this are, for example, the conversion of the goat's milk range to hay milk quality or the durable sheep's and goat's milk.

Authentic & with integrity

As a company, we operate responsibly and according to the motto "We say what we think and do what we promise!"

Anchored in tradition

We have been producing organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk products since 1990. As an organic dairy with a long history, we are rooted in tradition and equally committed to progress. Our history, like our region, is the root of our success.

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Natural, organic & regional

The milk we use is 100% organic and comes from the Austrian dairy industry. The goat's milk even has hay milk quality and thus corresponds to the most original form of sustainable dairy farming. But there is more to speak of sheep's and goat's milk, which is a particularly valuable commodity for us.

For sustainable development

Regional organic products conserve soil and resources, shorten transport routes and promote local added value. We produce with green electricity and strive to continuously improve our packaging in order to further reduce our emissions. Because social values are at least as important to us as ecological ones, we meet all employees and partners on an equal footing.

Curious about our products?

Products Sheep's milk products

Sheep's milk impresses with a velvety and full-bodied taste with a slight almond aroma, is very creamy in consistency and is characterized by a good digestibility. The sheep's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range comes from Austrian sheep, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Products Goat's milk products

Goat's milk is characterized by an aromatic, characteristic taste. In addition, goat's milk is highly valued as an easily digestible alternative to cow's milk. The goat's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range has hay milk quality and comes from Austrian goats, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Products Looking for a specific product?

Are you looking for something specific? A yogurt made from goat's hay milk? A creamy sheep's milk curd? Something for cooking or baking? Something fruity or would you prefer the versatile natural varieties? Our product finder will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

FAQ Questions about our products?

Whether all our products are certified organic, where our milk comes from, or whether the products contain lactose - in our FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about us and our products.