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Are you looking for something specific? A yogurt made from goat's hay milk? A creamy sheep's milk curd? Something for cooking or baking? Something fruity or would you prefer the versatile natural varieties? Our product finder will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

“Our greatest concern is to provide our customers with the best products. That is why we have made it our mission to produce natural, fresh and tasty products that are a welcome alternative for those who want to do without cow's milk.“

Goat's milk products

Goat's milk is characterized by an aromatic, characteristic taste. In addition, goat's milk is highly valued as an easily digestible alternative to cow's milk. The goat's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range has hay milk quality and comes from Austrian goats, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Sheep's milk products

Sheep's milk impresses with a velvety and full-bodied taste with a slight almond aroma, is very creamy in consistency and is characterized by a good digestibility. The sheep's milk for our high-quality Leeb Vital range comes from Austrian sheep, is picked up directly from the farms and processed on the same day. All our products are organic.

Philosophy Guided by our values

Since 1990, we have been producing the best and most innovative products from fresh Austrian organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk. The best quality is our claim, our history and experience are our basis and the spirit of innovation is our driving force.

History Anchored in tradition

We have been producing organic sheep's milk and organic goat's hay milk products since 1990. As an organic dairy with a long history, we are rooted in tradition and equally committed to progress. Our history, like our region, is the root of our success.

Quality Natural, organic & regional

The milk we use is 100% organic and comes from the Austrian dairy industry. The goat's milk even has hay milk quality. Sheep's and goat's milk is a particularly valuable commodity for us because of its many advantages.

Rezepte Cooking & baking with Leeb Vital products

Our Leeb Vital products can either be enjoyed pure or used creatively in the kitchen. Whether for cooking or baking, sweet or savoury - there are no limits to creativity. Let yourself be inspired by our recipe collection.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether all our products are certified organic, where our milk comes from, or whether the products contain lactose - in our FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about us and our products.

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Did you know?

In addition to our organic sheep´s and goat´s milk products, we - Leeb Biomilch GmbH - also produce organic, vegan products under the MyLove-MyLife brand. So that we can offer our customers the best alternative to cow's milk - in two forms!