Our History

„Tradition is not about caring for ash storage, but about to keep embers glowing.“ Jean Jaurés (1859-1914)


In 1990 Hubert Leeb got his first goat. He remembers: “The goat’s milk was so gruesome so only I drank it.”  At this time, the first customers were people who are allergic to cow’s milk protein.  Hubert was milking his goats every morning and evening.  Milk, yogurt and cheese were sold at his farm or at the farmers’ market in Schlierbach


Family Gössweiner became the first goat milk supplier. 


Hubert Leeb focused on the “white line”: milk and yogurt. The first step in direction of expansion followed. The goal was: Leeb products should be available in organic shops all over Austria. The same year Leeb vital products were established successfully in organic trades.


Next to goat milk products the company started processing organic sheep milk too by producing yogurt and drinkable milk.


the small dairy got extended. By continuous investment in machinery but also by Hubert’s know-how the product range was expanded and the sales increased.


The export to neighboring european countries grew. German and French companies became new customers.


for the first time more than 10,000 cups of yogurt got produced within a week.  The company “Leeb” grows step by step.


Hubert Leeb finally founded Leeb Biomilch GmbH.


In Schlierbach 450,000 litres of milk get processed, of 8 different organic farmers.


The company processes milk of 20 different organic milk suppliers.


Enlargement of the dairy: especially the cold storage and delivery area.


Hubert Leeb won the award for most innovative industrial company in Austria, the “Trio of 2007”

2.5 million litres of organic sheep and goat milk got processed. End of 2007, Dr. Jörg Hackenbuchner joined into the business of  his cousin Hubert Leeb. Together they successfully lead the company following the synergy formula “1 +1 = 3” .
Now Hubert Leeb is able to focus on milk arrangements, production and product development, while Jörg Hackenbuchner takes responsibility for  controlling and marketing. 


the brand Leeb Vital gets a re-launch. Through their different shades of blue (bright for organic goat milk, dark for organic sheep milk) the products became unique and very eye-catching on the trading shelves.


The company expanded the product range. In numerous blind tastings the yogurts of Leeb Vital were the clear winners.


We continued to invest in a new hall and in new machinery. This enabled to start the production of fresh cheese, which got successfully introduced at the Biofach fair 2010 in Nürnberg, Germany.


we expanded the range of products again with new delicious flavours: Apricot and blueberry. Besides this, the goat cream cheese as also the goat butter milk were added.


the managers decieded to increase the level of quality. Besides the already accurate organic rules, they worked on matching the rules of the international food standard (IFS). For this the whole record and document management had to be reworked basicly. The very first audit already passed successfully with the result “higher level”.


By growing so fast, the rooms in Schlierbach just got too small. So the decision was taken to move in a far bigger area. The company completely moved over to Wartberg/Krems. There it was finally possible to start with the production of ice cream.


The ice cream range got trendy: Frozen yogurt called “Milli’s Milchmanufaktur” got part of the Leeb product’s family.


Now there is a new yogurt available: the very creamy sheep yogurt greek style!


Leeb Vital is celebrating its 20th birthday with a relaunch. All products shine in a new design according to the motto “rooted in tradition – committed to progress”. If that’s not enough, the range of goat’s milk is switched to hay milk quality in the same year.


the product range will be significantly expanded with durable sheep and goat milk.
In the same year, Leeb Biomilch GmbH was awarded the Growth Champion 2018 by the independent market research institute Statista and the Austrian magazine profil.

Our region

The first years the company Leeb Biomilch was lokaded in Schlierbach. A village where people care a lot about their tradition and hospitality has highest priority. But after years of growing the company found his new home in the nearby Wartberg/Krems. This way we were able to keep close to the beauty as also to the ressources of the “Kremstal”-area. Similar to Schlierbach, Wartberg is known for its church too. The new dairy of Leeb Biomilch GmbH is located in the heart of Wartberg and offers a lot of space for further growing.

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